Power Leveling and Farming

This is two requests in one, I suppose.

I am currently a level 64 (nearly 65) Mechromancer looking for help with that last push to level 72.
While ALSO, looking for assistance in farming varkids for both tubby types and Vermivorous the Invincible. (Preferably looking for multuple spawn occurences if not, one Vermivorous spawn will do if it takes forever to achieve)

I am also able to offer compensation for the people who assist me. One item is specific to Sirens, the other 2 are weapons of orange rarity or better and all 3 are OP8.
I will provide my PSN name below so you can message me for further details. First come, first serve basis. Looking to start the run at about 2pm EST. today, Nov. 27th.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

PSN: Jody-Bryan

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Due to my game falling victim to a glitch of some sort (or possibly my system). The item specific for the Siren class has vanished. I am deeply sorry, but will be offering a different item in its place.

Sorry again!