Power-leveling Assistance Request

Just wondering if anybody is available to jump me some levels?

PS3 is naffed, so can’t DL my chars, so got to start over as i’m sure many have had to.

Would love to max out, but would appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

You still need help?

I got some help from another forum user, but thanks for your reply

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Hey are you down to help me though I’d like to get a couple levels on one of my characters I could really use the help. My PSN is TheRelaxingEnd1888.

Yeah, send me a friend request. I’m offline right now, but I should be on tomorrow.

Need also some help to level a new character.
Maybe someone is willing to help me.
My psn I’d is: Frankensoldat79


Hey man could you help me get some levels? Psn : xGryki

looking to get higher in levels PSN XoNz-_-HeAdShOt