Power Leveling help on PS4

If anyone is going to do some slaughter shaft or graveward runs and doesn’t mind helping me power level, that would be great. If I get any goods drops you are looking for, I will hand them over as payment

PSN: Poker_Jedi

I’m on from 0300 - 0530 then again after 1200 -1500. I run proving grounds tvhm - mayhem 3. Unless I’m doing some specific farming like looking for another red line,which I will be doing. You,along with anyone else,are welcome to join. 500 Guardian Rank PSN APE-160.

Is that East coast time? If so, I will be on tomorrow between 1200-1500

CST sorry about not stating that,but you’re only an hour ahead,I play with some of my heads from NY,so shouldn’t be a problem for us to find time to squad.

Mind if I add you as well, APE? Recently started a Moze and trying to get her to 50.

Sounds good. I will send you a friend request and check in during that time period tomorrow

Better off getting me here as if I’m in game,I rarely check messages,I’m working right now so fr telling me pl and I’ll accept. And to the other poster,anyone welcome. I’ll be farming on M3 fyi. After another red line for my safe.

So if I have you on friend list and see your online I’ll shoot invites to you first and give you time to either join or not before I open the lobby. No worries.

Moved you to the correct section - carry on!

Bumping to the top if anyone is interested in helping me power level tonight for about 2 hours. Thanks to APE-160 for the help today!!

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@reddawg31p anytime bud,hmu if you need anything. I’ll be on at the times I specified.

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I can help if your willing to return the favor?

@reddawg31p Thank you for the mods!! Made my night!

No problem!! I dropped into a game last night that had legendary items galore on the ground and saw your post about looking for some mods. I made sure to pick up some FL4K gear and send it your way!!

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Definitely!! Only issue is that I probably won’t be on again until Saturday morning/afternoon

Thanks for looking out! And shoot me a message here or on PSN for squading up again.

Don’t worry. I mostly play weekends too. Currently at a work conference anyway.