Power Leveling Help?

Hey, I started a new Gunzerker (I had Axton level 72 and had beaten UVHM) and he is level 24. Anyone willing to help me out sometime and just go into UVHM and kill Hyperius/Terramorphous/Pyro Pete sometime? (Yes, I can access UVHM with him, just have to be friends on console and game open) My XBOX ONE gamertag is RadiatedDirp18. I just felt like doing a Gunzerker because they are op (plus, easier to kill Master Gee with) Feel free to reply and add me. Thanks in advance!!

For some reason Kitty_Jo, I cannot see your reply. Could you try replying again?

I never replied, friend. I just moved your thread to the X1 co op category :slight_smile:
Sorry for any confusion.