Power leveling my Fl4k please

Can someone please power level my Fl4k. I want to start a new char. Thank you. My psn is cloud1977

Why just dont run through the game? I have all VHS now and each run i got a legendry or a nice weapon on one i put it into the bank so I could run New characters with legendaries without farming. On the regular playthroughs nearly every legendar, is nice and I have fun with other guns than the meta.

I just dont have the time with work and stuff. Thanks anyway

Hmm I can run the slaughter on M2 or M3 later if you want. But I have to say, tgat the campaign is funnier than farming in the endgame. Its your decision anyway. My psn is: Boolemie

Ok that sounds fine thank you. I will be on for another 2 hrs or so. I will add you. Thanks again

Hey, moved you over to the right section. Happy Hunting.