Power leveling on (ps4)

(Charlotteweb) #22

can someone power lvl me just to 20 ?

(HughJeriolas) #23

I can power level you to 20

(Charlotteweb) #25

what your psn ?

(HughJeriolas) #26


(Charlotteweb) #28

okay i added you

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(twright9789) #29

I could also use some help. Got a Gunzerker I’d like to have leveled up quite a bit

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(Nic Kolva) #30

any one that could help me lvl up i am tierd of running around lvl solo! so boring! PSN name The-Kolva

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(sethrd27) #31

can someone help me with op lvls never did it before would like to get to op8. psn sethsd258

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(Thatguysh4rk ) #32

I’m down to help with the op levels. PSN thatguysh4rk

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(sethrd27) #33

sent u a friends request

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(H) #34

I need power leveled my gamer tag is fredman215 I would really appreciate it

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(marlonrichard362) #35

Hey can someone power level me psn iHeartStar

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(Eriktaylor18) #36

How do you get the code for the ps4 when you first sine up.

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(joekerthewizard) #37

What level are you ? I might be able to help?

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(marlonrichard362) #38

I’m 22

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(joekerthewizard) #39

No worries I can help a bit then I have level 50 maya and zero - JOEkerthewizard

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(isaac2) #40

Any chance I can jump in on this with someone please? PSN ABigRedMonster - wouldn’t mind getting power levelled.


(putridmoon) #41

I’m looking for some help getting to 72 fast pan Putrid_oni

(Axton Main) #42

I got you my psn is Neonlancer1

(Yuugiri) #43

Ohai :slightly_smiling_face:

I know i might be late to the party but i was so pumped by the reveal of BL3 that i pulled the trigger and went for Handsome Collection for my PS4. As a complete newbie i don’t have any high level chars, and do not really know how do you boost, but i would love to get my BL2 siren to 72 so i can actually feel somehow powerful :wink:

Anyone to help me with that? I’m 21 currently, but every day my level increases :slight_smile:
I’m from CET timezone and usually play 2-3 hours in the evening on weekdays and much more on weekends.

My ID: Kaileith


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