Power leveling Salvador

Is there anyone who is willing to help me get my gunzerker to a reasonable level in order to gunzerk for 90 seconds because I’m just trying to get the trophy and then I’ll platinum this and will be moving to borderlands 1 my PSN is NoMoreHeroes75

What level are you? If I remember right, all you really need is to be lvl 25 and specced into 5/5 Yippie Ki Yay & 5/5 Last Longer.

Boost those two with a blue rarity Bezerker class mod ( +6 & +5 in those two categories ) and you would be good to go.

I’m at level 3

What DLC’s do you own?

If you have Digistruct Peak, you can power level yourself by fast traveling and just accepting the first mission. In Normal mode, it starts at lvl 35…should bump you up to around 12-15 immediately.

If you have two controllers, you can split screen your lower level into a high level characters load as player two and easily power lvl them to 25 that way as well.

I own all of them