Power leveling service

I can power level people to level 72 just add aCrippledMoose

I want to start a new Axton at level 1, do you think you can boost me up? I’ve poured so many hours into this game on PS3 but then my console broke so I can’t transfer my saves… I just want to get a character up to max level and get to endgame ASAP. My PSN is maseratiman966 if you wouldn’t mind adding me. Thanks :smiley:

just added you on ps4! should be under username moosicus (anyone else feel free to add me, even if i cant power level :P)

I sent you a friend request my name is wilman007 please help me

I added you on PS4 my friend and I will be waiting for the invite name is Zewgestu and his is Aszhole95 thank u would mean alot to us!