Power Leveling...What is Legitimate or is it Legitimate?

Let’s face it. It’s an exploit. It is also, judging by the number of posts I see here on a daily basis asking for or offering help, an acceptable exploit. This apparent fact led me to a few questions:

  • What do people consider LEGITIMATE powerleveling in BL2/Pre-Sequel?
  • How many levels are considered a legitimate power level?
  • What are your attitudes and/or strategies for helping someone powerlevel?

Simply curious about prevailing attitudes on these forums.

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No gibbed and no cheat engine.

From 1 to max level, including OP8.

Never do it on your first playthrough, or first time playing that character then be upset that you can’t figure out how to play them because you jumped from normal to OP8. I only got characters PL’d when I got sick of playing the story so many times (I’m one of those people that plays every character) and just wanted to play at max level with my max level gear.


How can anyone argue with that?

I didn’t note my own attitude towards the practice, which would be…I honestly don’t care about powerleveling in a philosophical/ethical sense.

It is something most people can do themselves for their own characters if they have two controllers and a high/higher level character and some forethought.

I don’t mind helping.
I have created a character in such a way that all I have to do is turn in some OP8 missions and the other player gets the experience. I don’t even have to leave Sanctuary if I don’t want to.( This is a big, fat exaggeration and I do have to fast travel to turn in some boss kills if they need/want higher levels) I don’t mind helping, but I am a fan of the idea of “working smarter not harder”. They want the levels and I don’t want to spend all day helping them. I want to play the game.

I’m the same way if people aren’t ready to be the level they want to be. They need to take the time
and plan out their strategy/gear because I am not responsible for supplying them. Get some gold keys and go play with yourself! ( that sounds better in my head, but I’m sticking with it)

I only help players that I have played with and like/enjoy playing with. No randoms. Too irritating. Much unwow.

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Agreed, also no modded lobbies (maybe that is the result of the host using gibbed or cheat engine?) that instantly get you from level 1 to level 72 (example: a level 5000 boss with 1 hp, lol) and also no Flying Sanctuary exploit. Anything that requires you to use a 3rd party utility or go outside the game boundaries is not legitimate powerleveling. The best (meaning fastest) way to legitimately powerlevel someone in BL2 is to run the Bar room brawl on OP8, preferably as Gaige or any other character who can Sham + Norfleet + Low lvl Logan’s Gun or Sham + Topneaa + Low lvl Logan’s Gun effectively.

Also agree about playing at least one character. It is probably a good idea to play thru UVHM at least part of the way (not necessarily all the way to lvl 72) to get used to enemy scaling, enemy health regen, slag, certain skills no longer working well, etc. Anyone who has never played BL2 before and gets powerleveled in Normal mode is hurting themselves (and anyone they online co-op with), since they won’t have a good understanding of the character’s strengths / weaknesses skill-wise, what equipment works / doesn’t work for that character, or the overall mechanics of the game. Fortunately for me I usually play solo, so I don’t have to worry too much about running into impatient players that often.

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@ACNAero nailed it, I agree with what he said.


What’s a “modified lobby”?

A host that cheat-engined his/her game to give ridiculous amounts of xp to level people instantly.


The anthropomorphic album cover hit the nail on the head in regards to what is “fair” power leveling. Can’t really begrudge some one of any process that could be done within the rules of the game as it stands, with genuinely no exploit used.

… I enjoy leveling characters in the normal way though. (Even though I drop my old legendaries/cash on them like I’m going through a midlife crisis and they’re the only stripper in town.)

I also enjoy reading some of the same books 7 times over. So I’m not the best person to ask for this.

God, I’m weird.


Oddly enough, a “modified lobby” is how my first Salvador jumped from level 54 ( in the 50’s for sure, not sure exactly which ) all the way to 72 with a one shot kill from the host to level 9999 Terra.

I had only been playing online for a few weeks at this point and had NOOOOOOO idea what the
hell was going on.

I was actually screwed, because all the gear I had was around level 50.

It was a surreal experience ( atm ) and I jumped out of the room like I just found out that my date was really a man.

Bear in mind I had played the game offline for well over a year ( my ps3 was not hooked up to internet). I had no idea what I was in for in online play.

At this point, I know exactly what and HOW they do it, but I don’t agree with the practice.

To finally answer the “what”… I fear going into too much detail would end up in being a “how-to” guide and honestly, I would love to see LESS of these things on cooperative play.


I just don’t get it… If anything I would like to level DOWN or just stop leveling up, not power leveling!!

Many times I find myself way above the level of the enemies in an area, making the game boring and dull untill I get to a part in the story where things finally get back to my level again.

We still going with this joke even though I changed my title quite some time ago? xD

Read the fine print, my dear friend.

Fair enough

Just watched a video about “the way you don’t have to do PL’ing”. Saw that Lv9001 Jack and some “A-Lyuda-Volcano-Godfinger-and-Pimpernel-had-a-foursome-then-had-gave-birth-a-bastard-son” sniper rifle and I was done.

Those randoms probably would start dropping modded weapons and ■■■■ all your savegames…

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I know I’m late to the party, but…

My simple filter is that I won’t use anything which I haven’t earned. Since I mostly play solo, I use second controllers for my PLing, and I won’t PL a class which I haven’t already played through the range I’m knocking out. To me, “legitimate” and “illegitimate” are simply language applied to anything you have or have not earned.

There is no way I would allow anyone to carry me through OP levels.

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Saw this post long ago. I have a thought now though:

This power-leveling thing is very close to duplicating items. I mean, it’s not modding but is some sort of “cheat”. I’m not saying it should be prohibited (even though I might be thinking it… probably not too seriously :smirk: JK lol), Im just saying it’s the next thing crossing scratching the border from Not Acceptable Town.

– End of thought –

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You also posted in this post long ago…look up there. :wink:

By close to duping items I assume you mean by some ethical or moral standard. I would agree with that, to a point, in regards to both involving “things” that are not earned through the merits of your own game play.

Prohibiting would probably be an act of futility, like the prevention of duping. They couldn’t do much if anything to stop it.

Not Acceptable Town is a town in Utah near the Nevada border, I hear.

I did?! I did! !! …Different thought then though. Also, I mean prohibit oppening threads in here requesting or offering it. I don’t care much of that, I just don’t do it.

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Well…the threads that do get started already get shut down with a quickness so problem already solved there. Can’t really prevent a thread getting posted, unless they flag the word itself and then any legitimate discussion of the practice of duping would then be blacklisted. ( like the one we’re having right now)

No sense in not being able to discuss a topic. Making subjects taboo has never helped matters and in my view goes against the greater good of the seeking of knowledge.

Talking about it yes. Offering or requesting it mhh… I don’t know. I might lift an eyebrow or two