Power Leveling (Xbox One)

For all of you that are on the xbox one and need to power level this forum is for you. If you are willing to help power level people please comment below and state your level and Gamertag. Thank you all of those who donate their time and effort into helping others progress! :heartpulse:


My xbox Gamertag is “Kenpachi of Ak” currently I am a level 36 zer0 but once I am power leveled to 72 you better believe I will be out there helping others do the same!

Welcome! Ive moved your thread to the Xbox One section in the Handsome Collection category.
Good luck and happy looting!

If yoy wanna help me out I’m level 35 zero in the beginning of tvhm. I don’t think I can solo this it’s hard af


Can someone help me out? lvl 17 commando lost all my stuff in the transfer just wanna power level. SolsticeWolf74 Xbox one

can someone help me power level im a level 23

GT : TheBeastIsNear

im on the xbox one

I can try power leveling people whenever they fix the BAR bug. Never done it before and have no idea how but I could try. I have a level 72 OP8 Zero with about 1k in each of my bonus stats so im pretty strong haha. :blush: Oh my gamertag is De4DSk1NMasK.

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Can someone help me level up to like 50, I couldn’t transfer my character from 360 and I had 3 OP8 lvl 72 characters on that, but now I have to start again. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it :smile:

GT - jimmy4t

will someone power level me?

Will anyone power level me? Either game I’d probably make a new character to do it. I’m on right now.


Can someone power level me, im level 18 and wouldn’t mind a little help to get me a little higher

Sorry my xbox one tag is Marwood II 87, hopefully we can play together too one I’m at a high enough level

could you add me and power level me? Buxton x Nath is my gt

Hey im a level 8 gunzerker. I would greatly appreciate being power leveled to 72. GT: Dr Woolynipz

could you also add me haha. GT: Dr Woolynipz

Yea Whenever BL2 gets patched I can help you guys If you could just send me a message on xbox saying borderlands so I can add you next time i get online

Do you have the infinity gun? And also it won’t lt me add you on xb1

No i dont have it

sounds good to me. I also tried to add you and it wouldnt let me for some reason

Can someone power level me on TPS ON X1? I’m level 26 trying to get up like 10-15 levels. Gt: Suljack