Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(LookImTooNice) #646

U can power level me? If so so thank so much, my GT is LookImTooNice, level 42 so not sure how long it’ll take. Just send me a invite or message when your on.

(sleev1207) #647

First would you rather I run pyro Petes bar brawl or an actual boss?

(LookImTooNice) #648


(LookImTooNice) #649

Don’t care, pyro Peres I guess for the torgue tokens.

(LunaticOne) #650

paste my help page here, on every night EST Time Zone 9pm to 12:30am, available to help or power level both TPS or BL 2

(pillz) #651

im lvl 36 psyco will someone plz power level me Bl2 GT is v PILLZ v and thank you

(DHG Numbskull) #652

I’m pretty new to Borderlands 2. I’ve made it through the story with one character lvl 34 and now most xp I’m getting per kill is 3xp lol. If you could help me lvl up & show me how to play to get the most enjoyment out ofthe game that would be awesome . I’ve been playing about 2 weeks now & this is the first video game I’ve played in about 10 years, I was blown up in Afghanistan so I have months of recovery laying on my ass, send a msg to my gamertag above if you’re willing to help. Thx.

(LunaticOne) #653

you need to go to your menu sceen, click on your toon and start TVHM XP increases then and I will be online in just a few send me a message on XBOX and I will help you out, GT = Name

(DHG Numbskull) #654

Yes you were right more xp, tho it would still take a year to get to 72. I went all the way through TVHM now on UVHM. Thanks

(LunaticOne) #655

send me a message on Xbox Live and I’ll help out as I can tonight

(scfoster88) #656

Level 57 looking to be power leveled up to 72. Gt is Enigmo xi

(procrastinationk) #657

Level 27 looking for boost to 72 and drops if possible gt: SIRBANTERLORD

(sleev1207) #658

Can anybody power level my commando from 54-72? I don’t care about drops so whatever we get as a drop would be yours

(Junebugthe1) #659

I need someone to powerlevel me plz im 51 on xbox one GT: Trillen iD

(sleev1207) #660

Gt is sleev1207

(Mattyp8170) #661

anyone wanna power level me 69-72 and give me some gear please GT -
A Man Licker

(MrSlaw20) #662

Need help leveling from 54-72 GT MrSlaw20

(Rbg Stinkpaw) #663

Gt: Locos Tacos420
lvl 54
needed for bl2

(bubbabrettly) #664

Hey i was wandering if you could help me I really wanna hit max lvl but i dont have time to farm and etc do you think you could help me out? Thanks! GT = BubbaGumply

(Lclksnjc) #665

My gamer tag is InfuriatedSword I’m level 50 I would like to get to 61 or even 72. I can do this tomorrow at 4 eastern standard time