Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Playaberkay) #666

can someone power level me too? i am lvl 15 and i only get missions that are for lvl 17 19 20 i really need xp an maybe money too (borderlands 1)

(Lclksnjc) #667

Mind helping me power level I’m level 50 I’d like to get to around 60

(Jakesale) #668

Anyone willing to help power level me from 10 to 72, I will help power level a second character of yours afterwards. My GT is Neumax on Xbox One. Message me if you can help. :slight_smile: Thanks

(DeathWast) #669

hi guys, if anybody doing leveling power I would like to join my gt is : DeathWast

(Jollycroatian) #670

Willing to power level anyone at any level. Xbox one. Op8 Gunzerker with norfleets, you know how it goes.

GT: Jolly Croatian

(focusesdestiny) #671

inv FocusedRange

(Iainkm) #672

Hi there. Looking for a power level from 1-72. Any help is greatly appreciated. Gamertag is Crusader Legacy. Thanks in advance!

(MonsterXavier00) #673

can someone help me get to 72 i am 37 c: gt:MonsterXavier00

(Rdbugboy) #674

Can some one help me power level to 72 my gamertag is MoTioNxDecimate.

(MonsterXavier00) #675

add NOOB KYLXONE on xbox one and hes doing power leveling so yea he also has a twitch

(Jamesdecandia) #676

Hey I’m not sure if anyone if still messing with this game but I could really use some power leveling if anyone is down

(dhunkele14) #677

Anyone interested in powerleveling a lvl 51 gladiator in the presequal?

Gamertag: ripxvanxwinkle

(Rdbugboy) #678

Need help trying to get to level 72 i am almost there. Can anyone help power level me there. My gt is MoTioNxDecimate

(Boldwaif887) #679

Xbox one Gt: LanceRice Please help in a lvl 31 gunzerker. Msg me on Xbox

(Signup) #680

I need boosting to level 70 on tps I’m a cl4pt and my gt-FusionTen

(Signup) #681

Msg me on xbox

(roxaskid01) #682

I need help power lvl to 72, my account glitches and all my characters were deleted and now I’m trying to get back to 72 Gamertag: Roxaskid01

(LunaticOne) #683

while I will readily level anyone up to 50 in TPS (takes a little less then 1½ hrs in UVHM), I hesitate when it comes to 50 to 70 (assume others do also). The reason being the method I use, the XP per Kill from 1 to 50 is between 1200 to 1300, after level 50 is reached the XP drops to between 500 to 650 per kill, so that the time it takes to get to 70 is more then triple what it takes to get to 50 (remember XP needed to reach next level, also increases).
So send a message on xbox and I will probably send an invite in the next day or so, but will probably not spend much more then an hour at a time taking you to 70, unless I have a line of people wanting PL’ed as I do in BL 2.
GT =Name

(Signup) #684

Just get me to 50 then

(Signup) #685

Get me to 30 or 40 please