Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(LunaticOne) #686

not home at this time, it will be another 6 hours till I am able to access my Xbox 1

(Signup) #687

Ok thx

(Signup) #688

When will u be on

(timegod95) #689

i have a level 72 character im looking for someone to either boost me to op 8 or help me go through to get to op 8 once I get to op 8 I can start power leveling people since itd be easier

(360noscope) #690

Hey I’m a level 57 Mechromancer looking for some help me power level to 72 my gamer tag is xX360NOSC0PEXx message me if you can help thanks

(Darnellsample) #691

I am lvl 63 and I will help power level when I’m 72 I need help though

(Darnellsample) #692

Can you help me get to 72 in already lvl 63 just need help

(LunaticOne) #693

will be on Xbox1 in about an hour, but I have already told someone that I will play through TPS if they are available if not then I will go through my xbox live messages and set up a power level session.
So send a message, GT = Name
If I don’t power level tonight, then I will tomorrow around the same time

(Darnellsample) #694

Ok will do

(Jacquelinehaney) #695

Hey I’m looking for people to play with and help power level me, I lost all my charactors when my old account was hacked. Gt XxDAMADHATT3RxX thanks

(Richardludenia) #696

I’m on right now. if your still on i will help PL you.

(Ipus) #697

I need help getting power leveled too 72, gt Exteam360gamer

(Rdbugboy) #698

Can some one power level me. My gt is MoTioNxDecimate

(jackbranch195) #699

I need help I’m level 40 and need 32 more levels to be level 72 I will surely be out helping people and giving them guns joining random games and all of that

Xbox one gamer tag IEATEVERYDAY


(Ccamj357) #700

Current level:29
Desired level: 50-60, or maybe 72 if you have the patience

I really need help leveling up because it take me forever to level up. Please help!!! For borderlands the pre sequel

(Brandon Jackson102) #701

I’m a level 32 gladiator could
any of you help power level me??

(Bryanfang02) #702

Can someone plz help me get to level 72 I have a level 9 krieg and MY GT is BRTYON5 Plz inv me

(iG_Godrick) #703

Looking to be power lvled to 72 plz add me if you can help.

Gt iG Godrick

(MeTheAlmighty) #704

My gamertag is StormageddonNL, and I’m ready to powerlevel anyone.

(Ccamj357) #705

Can you help me MeTheAlmighty? Gamer tag is CCAMJ357