Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Bryanfang02) #706

Can anyone help me get to 72?

Invite me to your game if you can

GT Bryton5

(Lclksnjc) #707

I’m a level 21 gunzerker and I want to get to 61 or 72
GT - InfuriatedSword

(Ibzy) #708

Hi people, newbie to the forum.

I would very much appreciate power leveling my Lv 59 Zerker to Lv72. This way I can use the top end gear & be ready to have fun soloing OP 1-8.

I have completed the story & all side quests in Normal, just the story in TVHM along with all dlc’s except tiny, (just at the Handsome Sorcerer) & at Train To Catch on UVHM.

At some point I would like to Power Level the other characters also.

My GT Xbox One: B Individual

I am on every day from bout 5pm.


(YouSooStupid) #709

I wonder could someone power level me on the pre sequel my gt is YouSooStupid

(Fallen) #710

Hi I’d like my Commando to be power leveled on BL2 GT: FallenFromHope

(Lifesavermike) #711

im lvl 44 xbox one and would like to be 72 pls my gamertag is balistic jelly

(Lifesavermike) #712

lvl 44 need 72 msg at balistic jelly xbox one

(Bryanfang02) #714

Can someone invite me to there game my GT is BRYTON5and I would like to be level 72

(Corby704) #715

Looking for someone to help me power level a bit. Gamertag: Cicero Xere 7. Message me or inv me please :slight_smile:

(MB Infected ) #716

looking to be powerleveled in pre sequel to around 25. gamertag is MB Infected

(Tristansyron) #717

Could someone help level my gunzerker I just started him. Gt is BLACKFLAMINGO69. Thank you

(Darnellsample) #718

I can power level you guys gt:iTs noT luCK103

(Jimmy073654) #719

tried to add you to many charcthers in your name its 16/15 ? :open_mouth:

(HexsXLeader ) #720

May I get help on my lvl 43 mechro

(HexsXLeader ) #721

Need help with power lvling my mechro

(bandajuan95) #722

Need help leveling up, I am trying to get all characters to op 8 and also I want more friends that play this game and BTPS
GT: Hal0fr34km4st3r

(sleev1207) #723

Doing some quick power leveling for my gunzerker on my other account, feel free to join my game, gt is sLEEv1207

(Auxier09) #725

Looking for someone to power lvl me darkeststar917 gt Xbox one if you would be so kind

(Fancysock) #726

Hey is anyone available to help power level my level 37 gunzerker up to 72 msg if possible

(Cv Qb H Zqc Gmgx Ro Bj) #727

My GT is FaTaLxXxTWINKIE. If anyone plays I would appreciate being power leveled to 72. (currently 33 mechromancer.)