Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(progamer179) #728

I am a level 62 gunzerker I need help getting to 72 can someone help me Msg PRO Gamer 179

(Isaacjdavis702) #730

I’m level 72 if u need help leveling message “JSWAQQ6198”

(Andrei9201234567) #732

Hey, can you help me power level 2 characters
Gt: ReditalraffeC

(Andrei9201234567) #733

Can you help me I’m an experienced player but I just got started on my Xbox one?

(Calweiss09) #734

I can help boost you, or just play for fun if you want, add me: CrispyChiken x

(Samuelhalo777) #735

Ziphry lvl 1 barely started

(Cheneyy) #736

Gamer tag is “DickCheneyy” looking to get to 72 so I can help randoms level up on matchmaking. Commando 55

(Andrei9201234567) #737

You can hook me up on Saturday or Friday :slight_smile:

(Andrei9201234567) #738

Are you available?

(Calweiss09) #739

Yeah, message me on xbox, GT: Crispychiken x

(Thn Ku Ver Ylttle73) #740

Also looking to get power leveled on one character. Would be willing to host to help out too. Trade power leveling for power leveling. Probably later tonite around 9pm ctzone. Hit me up

(Calweiss09) #741

This is exactly what I’m looking for. Msg me on xbox live when you get online.

GT: Crispychiken x

(Ayoubrached10) #742

Can you help me power level my krieg to 72?
I sent you a message and friend request

(LunaticOne) #743

can help powerlevel any of your toons if needed, just message me on xbox

(Thn Ku Ver Ylttle73) #744

Didn’t work out for me last nite. May try later on tonite

(Thn Ku Ver Ylttle73) #745

GT. THNKuVRYlttle73

(Andrei9201234567) #746

That is my friend lunatic one I’m reditalraffe the one that you power level with my friend in bar room brawl

(LunaticOne) #747

Yes, having a hard time connecting with this player, wants to get to level OP 8, currently Level 72, anyone able to help shootem a message, otherwise I’ll plug away at it when we get a good connection (get it fixed Gearbox, never had this problem on the 360)

(Samuelhalo777) #748

Can someone help me get to op8 im currently op 4 and in need of op 4 weapons message me gt:Ziphry xbox one

(agbro22) #749

I am a level 27 commando in pre-sequel. I can’t seem to do too much to the sentinel (first time) anyone willing to help?