Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(19bigs93) #750

Level 30 looking for someone to power level me. Trying to gather achievements. BL2 or Pre-Sequel.

(Loveshyamy) #751

can some one power level me please xb1 gamertag is shadowxgamerz92 meseege me :slight_smile:

(David205) #752

Lvl 72 overpower 8
Xbox one gamer tag: Im Red Faction

(GirInvader) #753

So I got to level 50 and my leveling went straight down the drain. I would love to be power leveled from 53 to max. I’m would like to power level people as well when I reach max. My GT: GirInvader from invader zim.

(Planguit) #754

I am currently op3 looking for someone to get me to op8 GT is Coolhand70 message me in game if you are willing to do it

(KimchiCreator) #756

Hi, I have a 65 Gunzerker, if anyone could help with power leveling, I’ll be sure to help others out back! GT: KimchiMaker

(Xxreapperxx123) #757

Anyone that need help with leveling message me
GT RadShad0w F0x

(Brimska) #758

Add me , id like a little help from you guys : GT BRIMSKA
Thanks !

(Lilctx12) #760

Need help power leveling , I’m lvl 12 on Xbox gt txkillerace

(cedricrocks101) #761

Im 72 op8 and my gt is ItsTyedye and I am on all day usually

(Lilctx12) #763

I’m on now and messaged you, usually after 5 in the afternoon I’m always on . Thanks in advance

(Lilctx12) #764

Any one willing to help a fellow vault hunter power level would be very very appreciated

(BOB) #765

was hoping someone could help me, i have a lvl 49 mechromancer and she is my main character but it just takes so long to level up and i cant get any good guns to help me and ive just been wanting to get her to max lvl, i also realise that her class kinda sucks and was thinking about making a gunzerker cause i see alot of people using them in youtube videos. if you would be willing to help it would be most appreciated, just message or friend me if you would like to help

gt BunkeredChart8

(Rdbugboy) #766

I need help leveling up my character to 72 and op 8. My gt is MoTioNxDecimate i would appreciate the help

(Pugsforlife5215) #767

Hey if some one could help me level my level 1 Enforcer to 30 or any of my Borderlands 2 characters

Gamer tag: Legolas5215

(Sanbaird00) #768

Level 57 and 35 need help to 72 gt is ZerefDragneel00 and I’m on now

(chrisdaniel1122@gmail.com) #769

Hello guys, i’m looking for someone to powerlevel my level 3 on The Pre-Sequel. If you are generous enough to help plz invite me to your game. My GT is chrisdaniel1122

(Crazydrummer007) #770

Hey, I’m a level 27 Nisha on Pre Sequel and I’m looking for some power leveling. Any help is appreciated
Feel free to add me and send a message just so I know what’s going on
GT- CoverlessAbacab

(FlatterTrain7) #771

Hey all, happy to help out jumping in your game with story lines, and happy to have anyone jump in my game and help you level up that way.

Add me gt: FlatterTrain7

I’m in Western Australia so I’ll do my best to help out when I can.

(Ravenswick) #772

Looking for help on Xbox One; Borderlands 2. Fresh Start, no 360 characters transferred.