Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Quacky) #773

(Xbox One) Looking for help boosting a level 20 Axton to at least level 50

(Jasvrs) #774

If u dont get any help i could squeeze ya in bro gt gra5er1

(Heftynick) #775

I could use some help power leveling on borderlands 2… my username is OneZip87. I would love the help and would be happy to extend the favor to others

(Heftynick) #776

I had the same issue

(Jasvrs) #777

Wel if you guys message me on xbox that 2ould be better for me like

(Hillsonacid) #778

is anyone available to power level my siren from 55 to 72
gt: MidSilentKage

(FlatterTrain7) #779

Hey all,
I help out with power levelling on Borderlands 2.
Add me Flattertrain7
Flick me a message if you see me online.

(Ashleeball2001) #780

HI i need help with both of my borderlands 2 and the pre sequel games. I just need help with leveling for max level. If you can help msg my gamertag: x50xCENTxCONEx

(Hillsonacid) #781

anyone on right now

(Ashleeball2001) #782

Im on what level are you

(Ashleeball2001) #783

Need help with power leveling on tps

(X Nightsshade) #784

Me Too

Gamertag xNights shade

(Allenh0218) #785

Hey my Xbox 1 Gt:DankSourDucky , im a 53 mechromancer and rlly need someone who can get me near lvl 72, i would rlly appreciate the help. Also if your a very low level i might be able to help u.

(Jasvrs) #786

Currently runnin 2 lower levels tru uvhm now for the mission n enemie xp

(Manlygibson) #787

Hey guys :slight_smile: i will be power leveling after i hit the cap im a lvl 30 commando looking for some power level love my gamertag is DamitStoneGuard if anyone has time to help i would be a great help!

(DeLaJester55) #788

is anyone power leveling right now? got me and a friend who could use it. message me at delajester55!

(Dead Poolio2988) #789

Hey my gamer tag is DeadPoolio2988 if there is anyway you can help me level up fast and get good loot I’d greatly appreciate it I will return the favor when I’m strong enough

(Acotton1112) #790

Hello. I’m a level 52 psycho on bl2 looking to get to level 72. Xbox one gt: GTGDSCRB. If anyone iseen willing to help please message me.

(Angelic Walruss) #791

I’ll level anyone instantly to 72 if they want, add me on xbox at Angelic Walruss

(Angelic Walruss) #792

I will, add Angelic Walruss level 72 in minutes