Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Gnw12799) #793

Can anyone help? I’m on TPS lvl 52 Gt: Gage72202

(Paynepeyton) #794

Will someone help me get to level 72 I am currently a level 46 and really need help plz. Thank u. GT is tcuppy

(Silentninja0094) #795

looking for anyone to help me hit 72. lvl 58 mech right now Gt Baked Sama


Anyone that would be so kind and boost my gunzerker to72? gt: KapteinKush

(Dylantext) #797

Level 51 looking to power level to 72. Any takers?

Dyl4nw : GT

(Zombiebennett) #798

Trying to get my level 14 siren to level 40. Gt- TwistedcSniper6

(Taker2113) #799

Looking for someone to help plvl me 38 Mechromancer also playing through TVHM if anyone would like to join me. GT Munchie2516 Thank you!

(Mattysora) #800

could anyone power lvl me on tps xb1
gt:Midnight Sparky
thnx in advance

(Chancellorcole4) #801

If anyone needs help. Please msg, RealTrueHeart

(Chancellorcole4) #802

Hey, I’m helping out 100’s of Vault Hunters hit op8 if interested, Hit me up.
GT: RealTrueHeart


thank you for the levels appreciate it

(Chancellorcole4) #805

Hey, I’m lvling and op lvling. If interested msg RealTrueHeart

(Steve2882) #806

Good afternoon/morning guys! I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand boosting my 55 siren to 72? my xbox one tag is vXxZenxXv

(Zombiebennett) #807

I’m also trying to get my siren from 55 to 72z my gt is TwistedxSniper6

I would love some help.

(TheWhiteDruid) #808

Are you still helping people OP level? Also are you helping them to gear up?

(themantiblade) #809

GT: RealTrueHeart

He is still powerlevelling all the way up to OP8 as well as getting you loot to start you off.

Got me from 1-OP8 in what felt like no time at all.

Hit this guy up!!

(olivertgalloway) #810

Live name: BionicHydra69

would love some assistance in getting to top level currently lvl 62 really starting to struggle on leveling up could you help please?

(jscurtis82) #811

Ill help u bud no probs

(olivertgalloway) #812

add me on xbox

(Chancellorcole4) #813

Hey I’ve been off for a while due to testing I’m on a lot now hit up RealTrueHeart