Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(olivertgalloway) #814

i have messaged you .

(Chancellorcole4) #815

Msg RealTrueHeart

(Adriannavarro129) #816

If anyone can help my GT is TheBearJew 714 someone help! Haha

(Elpresador) #817

If you’re still assisting with power lvling id like some help thru 7-8

(Brodieman1821) #818

I could use some help power leveling if anyone would be available

(Doom996) #819

I could need some help. My Krieg is lvl 20. Just invite me on xbox live! GT is my username!

(jlyorker) #820

Free to help power level with my OP4 sniper and also down to get my 39 Siren leveled … either way hmu
Mike honcho 4u Xbox 1

(Doom996) #821

Are you on in about 4 hours? Would join up after work.

(jlyorker) #822

Possible … just msg me

(Salvador Kills) #823

Hey I’m a level 58 gunzerker. While I’m almost at max efficiency for power leveling I’m not quite there, so any one who wants to help me or wants my help, message at SmugSoviet. I also have the butcher lvl50 pearl as well as some various legendary gear for lvl 50.

(Salvador Kills) #824

Hey I’m a lvl 58 gunzerker I could try and help you power level at power Petes bar.

-Gt: SmugSoviet

(Luichy) #825

Looking for someone to power level me to 60 my gt is remedy mg

(Gav Nico1) #826

Currently level 39 if anyone could help me get to 72 would much appreciated gt is DEMOLITION GAV thanks

(Pleap) #827

Currently lvl20 siren would like to get to 72
Also have a lvl7 gunzerker that needs to be 72
Pls help none of my friends will play with me cause I’m not lvl 72

(Pleap) #828

Gamer tag is “mr sockmonkey65”

(Nate9898) #829

Need someone to power level my lv 62 character to 72.
My GT is terninator9898 on Xbox one. Inv me or message me

(marknuth77) #830

Hey guys Level 54 Mechomancer is there any level 72s willing to power me. Im GMT GT Nikkorax message me Thanks in advance, plus be nice to make new friends.

(Sly Trick S9) #831

I would love some help if anyone is still available maybe we could coop tomorrow or something.

xbox one Maya - 32 TVHM

Lost all save data moving from 360 and never played the DLC - would love to do it at end game.

Gamertag: SlyTrickS9

(calebfeiler) #832

I’m a level 50 looking to power level. Can anyone help with that? My gammertag is Mr Feiler

(Chancellorcole4) #833

Hey I’m sorry I have been away I’m helping anyone Leveling