Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Chancellorcole4) #834

Please msg RealTrueHeart

(Gr Notlistening) #835

You wanna help me get to 72 my gamertag is blackops523

(Capt Fluffy101) #836

I’m looking for some help to get power leveled if anyone can help please My gt is wickeddrew09

(Amboesche32) #837

I am a level 13 Siren in Borderlands 2 looking for some power leveling. My gamer tag is LeapedSleet0027

(Crystar12) #838

Need someone to get me from 59 to 61 GT kymagika1212

(Chocolate678) #839

My Gamer tag on Xbox one is SmartINFAMOUS and I need help maxing out my character asap! I have a level 39 psycho and I’m willing to help others to power level once I’m max level. Please send me an invite asap please!

(Nawas1337) #840

Looking for power level in Borderlands 2 and pre sequel,

I got a 46 mechromancer in b2 and a level 15 or so claptrap in presequel

Gamer tag: Locatedflip1337

(LunaticOne) #841

can do both, the time you posted this was 12am my time, if your on at least 2 hours before that give me a message on XB Live, the link below gives times I’m on and how to reach me. GT is the same as my forum name.

(Nawas1337) #842

Current Status: Offline!

( i’ll update this whenever I get offline or online )

Doing power level/ Moon stone farm in borderlands pre-sequel now : I can get you from the levels

1-30 quick, but beyond that I can’t do more because I’m level 30 myself. I’m killing the first boss and I can kill him within 10 seconds.

All I am asking in return is that you pick up moonstones from the boss, don’t loot much else please , each run gives about 24 moonstones

P.m. on Xbox one for invite : Locatedflip1337

(Ryanchriis666) #843

hello my gamer tag is yvngsonrize i’m level 72 op 5 and wanna get my melee assassin to op 8, i got a lot of op 8 guns/characters, so ill drop i’m just lazy as sh*t to farm for the right loot to do it solo lmao

(Ryanchriis666) #844

msg for inv

(Nawas1337) #845

My timezone is gmt + 1

Il be online in 2 hours, 40 min fr.o.m. Now, whats ur timezone ?

I did the PM U when you were online but you didn’t answer xd

(LunaticOne) #846

GMT -5 or US EST

(Kainkiller86 Srk) #847

I could use a power level if anyone is up to assisting me. I’m on EST so let me know what time works for you.

Gamertag: Kainkiller86SRK

(Nawas1337) #848

Ahh ok so 6 hour difference :stuck_out_tongue:

(Karolbelski) #849

karolbelski add me if you want play for fun !

(Dylanjones901) #850

looking for some to power level me plz my names is O YACKA FISH send me a msg if you want to help (i have a Mic)

(Kyle Gibson) #851

Looking for some one to help with power levelling the pre sequel im level 40 atm and barely started tvhm

(Embracingazur) #852

Hey. I’m a level 36 Mechromancer. I’d like to be power leveled. Gamertag is: EmbracingAzur

(Dpsebastian88) #853

Looking for someone to power level me from 1-72 fast. Xbox 1 gamer tag is XxTurbinator51x