Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(Legendary Lunatic) #854

I want to know how you people are power leveling? I suppose I could offer help doing it if I knew how.

(LunaticOne) #855

I use the BarRoom Brawl at OP 8 on BL 2

and the (Level 70) “Capture a Guardian” mission in TPS

(Fireblaze543210) #856

Can someone power level me my xbox gamertag is FIREBLAZE543210

(Whooterz) #858

Looking for a powerlevel on bl2 gt is Whooty1104

(fearmonger16) #859

Help with leveling to op 8? im op 3 at the moment.

(Rayleight) #860

Hi, could someone plvl me at BL2?
GT is Adler114. I will be online the next 4-5 h.

LunaticOne 's Powerlevel and Help Thread, TPS & BL2
(Squishysquid998) #861

It wont let me add you is there a way you could add me lunerfox998

(Squishysquid998) #862

hey if you could add me im trying to power lvl my lvl 19 comando up my gamertag is lunerfox998

(LunaticOne) #863

these 2’s last post was in 2015, so they may have moved on, maybe even changed account names.

you may be better off trying someone whos posted more recent, like me,

(Squishysquid998) #864

well is there a way you could help me?

(LunaticOne) #865

depends, free download BL 2 NO, Borderands Handsome Collection YES, busy tonight, but I’m always on, 8pm to Midnight EST (-5 GMT), if that’s the time you are on just send me a message on xbox live

(Squishysquid998) #866

so you wouldent be able to help me with BL2?

(LunaticOne) #867

not if you have the free Backward compatible BL 2 or if your not on Xbox when I am

but if your on the xbox 1 in 5 hours from now and have the Handsome collection then yes

(Squishysquid998) #868

indeed i have the handsome collection if you want my GT is lunerfox i should be on when you are just shoot me a Friend request

(LunaticOne) #869

if you had read some of the link I sent, you would know I don’t do FR’s, would have a ton of people jumping into my game when I was farming or such.

Just sent you a message on xbox 1, I will be on tonight, just can’t guarantee that I’ll be on BL 2, be on Halo first and if there’s a friend or two there I’ll stick with that game, if not then I will switch over to the HC and shoot you an invite

(Squishysquid998) #870

■■■■ i messed up my gamertag its lunerfox998 but its ight i understand

(Jasongarcia12301) #871

I’m level 39 gunzerker I’m on tvhm too add me if you want (zZzZF34RZzZz)

(Chanlon022410) #872

Hey. I just started a gunzerker and would really appreciate anybody willing to help powerlevel him to 72. OP levels not necessary but would be hugely appreciated as well. Thanks in advance

(Samzon112) #873

We can power level if you want the gt- smzon

(Jamestomey) #874

Looking for some help to get my mechro to 72 currently 40 restart from 360.
GT: Heals the Group