Power Leveling (Xbox One)

(evanjmanning) #875

Hi guys! I need help power leveling from 59 to 72. Anyone up to help a dude out? Xbox one char. Gamertag: SynystrMinister

(Gha7 X) #876

Looking for someone to power level me and my buddy to 72. GT is GHA7X and my buddies is The Moose587
Thanks in advance.

(Legendary Lunatic) #877

Just a thought I had, and this isn’t meant to be inflammatory. If you guys who are asking for help and keep posting about it just played the game, you’d have achieved max level by now. People get bogged down with wanting a power level, it doesn’t take THAT long to get to 72. You’d have done it on multiple characters if you didn’t spend so long begging for a power level.

Anyway, just a thought.

(808tomd) #878

Hey I’m lvl 37 gamertag Tomdieselz looking for someone to power level me to lvl 50 please. thanks really appreciate it!

(LunaticOne) #879

I will, just message me on Xbox Live. I’m usually available after around 9pm EST
GT = LunaticOne

(Osirisch232003) #880

Hi everyone my gamertag is ST128K1LLA I am new to the threads on here but not new to borderlands I can help you with power leveling on both backwards comp and HJC. I can also help on the backwards comp. with op leveling. send me a message on xbox live.

(Fubles) #881

Need power leveling gt: Fubles

(Del) #882

Leveling in the pre-sequel sucks dirty tush :poop:. Especially solo leveling. Now trying to go through it 15 more times (3 per character) so you can unlock UVHM :muscle:. That would be a horrible slog. :cry:

I get what you are saying but honestly, who are they hurting?