Power Levelling and Trading - Development


I have been on the forums for a long while now. ( Yes, I know my account doesn’t say so. This is a new and updated account). I played a lot of Borderlands 2 and done a lot of trading. I managed to create a little series on the forums. It would be a random number guessing game and who ever guessed correct got a pick a gun I own. However, I haven’t noticed any of these little series anymore. There used to be a lot of trading shops and series. Now I just notice a lot of “Power level me!” posts.

Anyway now lets get to the point. The “Power level me!” are all I see. So the question is would the community like to see the return of trading shops and the return of these loot competitions held by members of the community. It would even up this side of the community and make the purpose more spread out because at the moment it seem the purpose of this forum section is just people looking for easy levels.

Note I am not frowning on power levelling. I myself like power levelling however I have noticed a flood of these topics. I also understand that because the game is new for some and they see a lot of these high levels and they realise that getting there will take while and therefore they want to be power levelled to catch up.

Thanks for reading!

I myself have offered and requested power leveling on these forums, and I agree that there are a LOT of people asking for this service. I would love to see more fun events on these forums rather than requests for easy XP and OP levels. I am probably going to open a giveaway shop where people can just stop by, request gear, and they can have it. I love to farm so I think that an idea like this will not only make the games last even longer for me, but it will also help out the community!

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I agree. These events will help out the community and create a wide variation of posts. I think we will need to wait until people get a high level first before trading shops and lots game begin again.

A community event sounds great; idk what’s been done in the past
but anything would be awesome. I’d love to take part