Power levels and OP levels

I am available Monday through Thursday to help with power leveling and OP levels. I have already helped several individuals from this forum and im sure they can vouch for me. As long as you are patient i am willing to help. These sorts of things take time. I have a few simple rules:
1.) Do not accept any missions or turn any missions in. I have the missions a particular way for a particular reason.

2.) Don’t ask me to dupe you everything in the game. Farm for yourself, its not that hard.

3.) I use a mic so i would prefer you do as well although its not necessary. It just helps with communication.

4.) I have kids and 2 dogs that stay home with me so please don’t get annoyed if there is background noise from any of them or if i have to take a quick break to attend to their needs.

That’s pretty much it. My psn id is Lord_Sylton. Send me a friend request and a message in that request letting me know what you want so i can schedule accordingly. Blank friend requests will not be accepted.