Powerhouse Heavies need a nerf

I frequently get insta downed by powerhouse heavies when they use their electrical trap ability. It would be such a problem if they didn’t spawn so often in the circle of slaughter. But I have 23k shield and am just about 50% resistant to shock and I’m getting instantly downed by that ability every time and I can’t seem to avoid. They are thirsting the hell out of me and seem to just encase my body in that ability when I go down so the second I’m up I’m back down again. Please fix this garbage. Please. :slight_smile:


Playing Moze? (not sure how else you’d have that much shielding). I know it’s not technically a “solution”, but can I recommend The Transformer shield? Might take some grinding, but I imagine it’ll help you right sharpish.

The problem is more that there is a non-boss mob in the game that can basically one shot you through a wall and requires a specific legendary item to deal with.

It feels like the devs added an extra zero or something to a number somewhere and didn’t notice.

Another outlier are the rocket-launcher wielding bandit Badass enemies - their rockets travel at the speed of sound and can splat you in a hit or two.


I’ve had the transformer before but I just like my other shield better. It’s more suited for my play style. I don’t feel like having to use the transformer is very fun in my opinion. But yes I am playing Moze. Also a legendary relic takes all my health but 1 and puts it into my shield. Don’t have points In the “thin red line” perk

I haven’t had an issue with the elemental heavies because of how large their backpack critical is exposed. A few hard hits and it just instant booms for like 5mil dmg to kill the heavy. The non element heavies tend to be slightly more dangerous just because they fire rockets and their backpack crit point is slightly smaller.

The problem is mostly when they spawn in behind you and splat you through a wall.

If you can see them coming, you can generally take them out. They are still an obvious outlier and probably not working as intended.

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Yeah, powerhouse heavies are super overtuned (Especially the badass versions) and I have no idea why. Not only are they super tanky (critical spot is a little harder to reach solo) but their elemental traps can one-shot you bypassing the healthgate. Badass Powerhouse Heavies and Anointed Militants (IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE) are the only 2 enemies that definitely need a nerf at this point.


Whaaat? They can spawn in circle of slaughter?

Whenever my friends and I do it, we only ever get animals (skags, rakks, etc). I didn’t know you get humans. How did you do that?

Lol, unless there is a different circle I haven’t seen yet. This is in on slaughterstar 3000. Nothing but Maliwan soldiers spawn from what i’ve seen. But I’m also stuck on round 3 wave 3 because of these power house heavy one shoters

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Transformer is pretty much a must have for managing the 3000. The Heavies are fine as they are. Did you know that they have a major weakness? Shoot several times the tank above their shoulder - it will explode and kill them.

Actually 23k is pretty low on the shields front. I can get 35k using the Front Loader shield and Deathless artifact on Zane. I’ve seen people on twitter with 96k shields on Moze using that shield/artifact combo and some Phalanx stacks.

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…am… am I not living up to my potential? My Amara has 13k shields and 8k health. I don’t need more than that, but holy fudge! 96k?! What unholy deal did they make?!


This dude tweeted, getting all excited about his 61k shields and then someone in the comments was like, BLAMO! haha

Using the Deathless artifact does lower your health to 1 all the time so it has it’s drawbacks, especially with electricity. But using Deathless with the Transformer works really well. Way less shields but immune to electricity and still a healthy amount.

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I sit at a bit under 23K shield on Moze without using thin red line outside of 1 point from a class mod or that artifact that boosts shield by 100% by knocking your health down to 1. That’s before Phalanx Doctrine Stacks. ATM using a purple shield with a 14K+ base that also I think boosts health by 5% with a small chance to absorb ammo

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Fighting one isn’t hard. But having 5 or 6 all at once isn’t fun. Or even if you’re focused on a different enemy and they sneak up on you. The point isn’t that you can kill them quickly, the point is that even just one touch from this ability (which they can chuck across the entire slaughterstar map) can insta down you. I now have 35k shields without stacks and am still getting one hit. It’s ridiculous.

They blow up pretty quick when you put a load of rounds into ball thing, you don’t need to take all health off, I’ve seen them blow near enough 3/4 full on health.

I think those backpacks have like a hidden durability stat. It takes multiple rounds usually chipping off more health from things like Assault rifles and SMG’s. But a couple solid shots from a sniper or Jacobs revolver will pop it usually as soon as the shield bar drops.

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Firstborn methinks

At first I was “what are they still complaining about” but you actually make a good point, I don’t know why powerhouse heavy are this overtune, it seem like a bug to me/