Powerlevel me please?

I just bought PS4, got borderlands 2. Played through it a million times on PS3, can anyone powerlevel me?

How far do you want to go? Thatguysh4rk

I’d like to level as high as I can so 72?

Ok. I can do that.

What is your psn? I’ll be on either tomorrow night or not til Monday night depends on work.

Any chance you can help me as well please Indshrk8909

Yeah no problem. Just add me and I’ll do what I can. I’ll be on later tonight around 7pm PST (west coast usa) powerleveling others

Just started a new run though as well I wondering if I can power level as well.

I can get some help with power leveling as well?

Mind if I hop in too?

Add me: thatguysh4rk. I’ll get everyone that I can. WHEN I start it I’ll message everyone the details. Just add me.