Powerlevel me to 50 plz?

I’m currently level 38 and am hoping someone will powerlevel me to 50 gt PeterL2014

I’ll be on some time this week. If you see my GT while you’re on-line (Alkymist96) send me a message and I can probably help you gain a few levels. I have several characters I’m still working through TVHM, as well as one level 60.

ok thanks dude

your on my friends list, all you need to do is ask, on every night

that is if VaultHunter101 doesn’t level you up first

Your also in my friend list, if your not level 50 already just msg me and i help you out.

peter if you still need help just let me know. I can also help you out with some lvl 50 gear.

already at level 50 and I have some decent gear that I got from golden keys . currently making my way through tvhm and trying to get some achievements as I go…50/63 achievements so far