Powerlvling? 🤔 [tired of questing]

Hi guys, i am looking for a nice person to powerlvl my zane to lvl 50 :slight_smile:

Ps4 GT: Horten_Hzrd

Not on PS4, but if anyone on PC is reading, I would be willing to trade off leveling some toons. Got a Lvl 50 FL4K capable of nuking gravelord rather quickly (not that its a terribly hard thing to do).

Epic Name: Oreyn_Bearclaw

I added you. Need some leveling please. Can level you too, have a 50 Fl4k

Sent friend req. Happy to power lvl and grind with you.

50 Fl4k 500 guardian rank. Can pl. Run alot of proving grounds. Will pl on mayhem 3 Athenas no problem went from 34 to 50 in 4 hours.