Practical Butcher

Got a nice zero pimp/shotgun build going, just got to op1, and i have a non elementAL one that is lvl 71 and it just isn’t cutting it. Does anyone have an op1 fire practical butcher they would be willing to trade. Would even take level 72. Pm me if interested and we can work something out.

@Lazygamer950 I have a few misc Butchers at various levels. Most of my gear is OP8. If I can get my saves to transfer ( I have about 25 characters, lol ) I will be more than happy to see what I have in stock. For some reason I believe I have one at OP3 that is incendiary. Perhaps too high of a level, but if I do still have it, you are welcome to it.

Thank you very much. If it is a little to high I will just have to run the peak again it will be fun :smile:

If I have something you want I will gladly trade. This will round my zero out nicely. What time are you normally on. My gt is lazygamer950

Still looking for practical butcher in any element except Slag. Please pm me if you r intersted. Thank you