Practical Pluses and Minuses on the Characters You Play

Hi Everyone, :acmsmirk: Getting my download going and before choosing my first character I have noticed that actual game play always changes our opinions on characters. So for those who will be flooding in soon enough what did you like or not like with your first character choice. Thanks soon we won’t be able to resist doing our skill tree builds right! :acmaffirmative:

I am playing Fl4K for my first character.
I really like him.

He is taller than everybody by quite a bit. You literally have to look down to look someone in the face. Took a bit to get used to the perspective.

Having a full time pet can be great, but occasionally my Spiderant has pushed me into harms way. Also, sometimes she will kill someone I was keeping around in case I needed a second chance.
When fighting a boss, make sure to point you pet at the boss or you could end up without anybody to shoot for your second chance.

Overall though I love my Spiderant…

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I’ve taken a Stalker FL4K.

plus - He’s got a lot of Max Health, Health regen and Damage mitigation boosts, as long as you don’t stop moving.
plus - There are a good number of dmg. increase skills.
plus - The Jabber with a shotgun throws a lot of enemies off balance making them attack less often or making them lower riot shields.
plus - The Fade Away skill makes it easier to get behind bosses to get crit. shots.

minus - The Jabber can run off on it’s own crusade agroing enemies you may otherwise not want active.

FL4K’s height also allows for some extra mantling.

My son was able to mantle into an area we were supposed to access via an alternate route. It bugged the mission-no CoV spawned.