Practice dummy?

Ok, other than the obvious jokes about me being a practice dummy, The latest note from gearbox says they added a practice dummy. Is this the Handsome Jack standing in the middle of the shooting gallery?

Yes it is. Not all weapons proc.

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Are you sure it’s latest? It was added in late October iirc.

Would be nice to get an armored and shielded dummy … or maybe use that switch right there that no one uses to change the dummy type?


It was in the note I just didn’t notice the Jack standup

Yea, he’s been there for awhile. Great for testing out gear before running off to kill stuff.

There are enough issues with the dummy’s response to certain weapons/damage types that I’m optimistic that they’ll fix/replace it when the priority is right… like there’s no way this is the final version (regardless of whether they add various bits of armor).

It’s possible it would come in a DLC, the way TPS didn’t have a dummy until the Claptrap DLC, then we got three proper ones (flesh, shield/flesh, and armor). Still couldn’t melee them though, but that’s the best we’ve ever had.