Practice vs Theory (Kid Ultra)

So I’m probably not going to be able to much PvP tonight so I won’t be able to test this out but here’s the info if someone would like to let me know how it works.

Kid Ultra’s level six helix allows for a 16% damage amp for whoever has a drone on them. This stacks. So that’s a 32% damage amp on someone with two drones. And at level eight you can get another two drones active at once so that becomes a 64% damage amp. I did a solo run of the Attikus DLC and I can confirm that this stacks in this manner at least when applied to KU himself but most likely to allies as well.

That’s insane. Seriously. What the actually ■■■■.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a numbers person. I like to look at the math when figuring out how much damage potential a skill has and imagining it at it’s fullest. That’s how I figured out how strong Kleese’s mortars were and same with Deande’s Calculated Risk helix.

I’m imagining Marquis, Toby, or ISIC just sitting in the back with this damage amp destroying everything so fast you’d think this game had Overwatch’s TTK.

I named this thread Practice vs Theory because this is a best case scenario for the damage output and I want to know how it works in practice with PvP. Do the drones get destroyed instantly by most characters? Would you be able keep them up effectively on a sniper hiding behind his friends? How much destruction would you be able to cause with a melee character having a 64% damage amp on all melee and skills before the drones go down? (El Dragon viable again confirmed?) Can someone playing him in PvP tell me how this works in practice? If it works half as well as it does in theory then Kid Ultra will be getting what me and some of my friends call the Alani treatment soon.


Also, with Chaos Rumble you could have four KU’s boosting one person for a 256% damage amp. Put that on anyone, Miko for all I care. Anyone will kill everything with a pulse with that much damage.


In the stream they said you could only put a max of 4 drones on a character. So if the damage amp does stack, then it should be capped out at 64%.

I’m not picking sides, only sharing info.


Thank you. I don’t watch any of the streams but a 64% damage amp is still plenty of damage.

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Doesn’t make sense that stacks, at least from the same KU.


It does. I was playing solo and I placed the drones on myself. Every time I added a drone I received another damage amp.

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Not arguing with you. I’m saying the fact that it stacks from a single character should not be the case.

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Oh, ok. Simple misunderstanding. My bad.

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Got some news. This game doesn’t use linear increases for most things, but multiplicative.
Do with that what you will.
I could be wrong, but that’s usually what the data and math people say


Thanks for the heads up. Gonna go try it out now before it gets nerfed! :smile_cat:


Oh, boy. Even better/worse.


Can someone playing right now test this? I’m away from Battleborn at them moment (Ashes of Ariandel call to me) I will adjust the OP accordingly.


Stacking damage buff clearly looks like a mistake or bug. Too overpowered. Let it work in PVE only, hah!

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Just a bit off-topic. But does reload speed matters on kid ultra or don’t?

As for the topic, I think on PvP it’s a bit harder to make that amp work. If a match is equal - you will never have those drones sticking above you for a longer period of time and you will get damaged soon enough. And if you can camp with someone like Toby or Marquis - then you already won anyway, 'cause the other team is getting stomped no matter what.


Reload gear on K U is … ahhhmazing.

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You don’t need them for a long period of time to do some OP stuff. AOE stun -> AOE burst damage -> multikill.

It’s amazing to me they could do this, being so OP, but…
KU has a slim chance of surviving with the 5 Ronin on Attikus.

Many characters struggle with them too, am I right? So he’s not special.

I found it much easier if you let them separate into two groups before letting them notice you. They have a kind of “socializing” mechanics but with very limited range.

Toke and I just tested that, 2 KU can split the 5, they still man-handled us but we survived.
As Ambra I can hit them with melee and bust all 5 of them.
KU’s melee is way too slow.

Can a mod move this to the Kid Ultra section? It’s been created but this thread hasn’t been moved. I’ll tag one just in case. Hmmmm. @Derch I choose you!