Praemunitus is bugged

For this passive you are supposed to get 25% larger magazine size. In any gun that I have where the magazine size is a multiple of 4, you end up missing a bullet. So guns like the duc which has 4 bullets still has 4 after this perk where it should have 5. The Lyuda, which has 16 , has 19 after this perk where it should have 20. For the duc and other guns with four bullets, this perk does nothing and is a complete waste.

can confirm, while it works it does not give the listed boost. values are lower.

This difference happens because praemunitus is a 3 point skill. The system doesn’t support endless numbers so praemunitus actually only gives 24,99% more ammo which gets rounded up to 25 for the tooltip. But for actual ammo you only get the full amount (5th or 20th) if you pass the threshold of the next whole number but you only get 4,9ish or 19,9ish shots which get not rounded up.

Tldr: they ■■■■■■ up the math on 3 point skills and need to patch in 0,01 more value

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Or they could just round it to 30, 10 per point. It’s not like it will make him OP, not even close.