Praise and Honor

If youve ever come across a player that was amazing today or ever and wanted to commend them about it post it here with their user if u have it or screenshot and maybe youll run into them here. Mostly just to compliment those who play well and such…Please dont come here to be toxic and call out players out of frustration.
Pretty much just write stuff about some great players in here


AMAZING!!! Great idea for a topic :heart:

I´d like to honorably mention “TragicalSpoon13”, I hope I remembered his gamertag correctly.

Awesome dude. The mission was played by my fiance @Sm0kerCrew , while I just sat on the couch and watched^^

They played “The Sabouteur” , my fiance as Gal, he as Alani. All 3 other teammembers quitted and left after 5minutes, because Gal Op blabla, Alani Op blablabla…

Both sticked together until Gal got stuck. You know the fancy huge stairways to doom?
Gal got kicked up by a Disruptor, flew right into one of these thin gaps. Gal did not die, but could not move, not fall, not jump high enough to get out of the gap.

Gal/my fiance tried to get out desperately for over 7minutes!
Did Alani leave her soulsister? No!
Alani/TragicalSpoon13 tried everything to blast her out with Geysirs and all her attacks for 4minutes. Nothing.

Then Alani headed over into the last arena - I already though “OMG he´s killing himself!!!” -
But he was the pulling enemies outside the room into the arena in fron of the stairs, in hopes they´d attack Gal and kill/free her.

After another 10minutes - Alani pulled one group of enemies after the other onto Gals place - One Disruptor finally used his ■■■■■■■ CC attack and Gal was pushed out of the gap - finally free after an over 25 minutes long rescue-mission!!!

Never encountert such a hero. He stood with his (my) mate all time. Even I had left after 5 minutes >.<


5v5 at the start of Echelon. 2 minutes in they pushed so hard on the first wave we were down 100 to 90. One of our players mumbled something and then rage quit. 5 minutes later we’re 1 sentry down and the second dwindling. We held our ground. 100 to 20. It was back and forth for most the game on pushes until we hit their first sentry hard and it’s now 50 to 18 with 5 minutes left. At just under 2 minutes there’s 4 opponents dead within seconds.
And I’ll be damned. All 4 of us pushed and blew it up with around a minute left in the game.

No votes for surrender. Just 3 other players who stuck out a 4 vs 5 and somehow pulled it off. Kudos to them.


Thanks for the support :3, Im glad to hear such stories. Ive been so thankful for teammates sometimes even if it was just for staying or not voting for surrender when we were so down and manage to comeback…Ill be sure to post stories as well. I figured this would be great to maybe find some people and its always nice to share good stories and if by some miracle the player youre talking about shows up Im sure they will feel appreciated.

I played a game last night and we lost a sentry in about 3 min. My team had 2 ppl quit and one just stood there for the rest of the match so in turned into a 2v5 situation…i dont remember the persons gamer tag but he was running with Isic and I had WF. We knew we was gonna get beat but we made it our mission to make sure they didn’t destroy our last sentry. I’m not sure how we pulled it off but we lasted the rest of the match, the final score 100-8…One of the best times I’ve had with this game we just decided if we could survive the entire match wed call it a win lol


lol Id call that a win too

I actually have this from the other day…I dont have their names in a screenshot but I have a video from my perspective. You can skip past most of it to like 10 mins but Everyone on my team put up such a good fight and defended well while me and a partner was down. A mike managed to tick our base spider for 1 damage and my team pushed through minions while I backdoored them for the win. Skip to 11:20 if you just want to see the push. I believe we were down in score and I didnt see the 2nd tick down to 48 and thought we had still lost until the end screen came up.


See, it’s endings like this that make this game so much fun. Comebacks and last minute wins like that are AWESOME. Why can’t I like this more than once?

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That’s what makes this game so much fun you never know when your gonna have a game like that and when you do whether your on the winning or losing side of it its AWESOME

I was in a game a while back and whoever was playing Reyna was the most helpful I had ever seen. She had my back nearly the whole game. I wanted to send them a pm about how good they were, but thought it might come off as strange.

Man send those messages! I would personally very much appreciate getting a message like that

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yeah I love recieving those kinds of messages…I guess it would be wierd if it was like a paragraph but Im sure whatever you have to say would be appreciated.

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I was jelly of Thanatos’s awesome 4 vs 5 victory, never had experienced one before, and then this happened:

The guy left the match before making it out of the gates and we were up against a full pre-made. I have never seen a group of randoms work like they’ve known each other for years before, yet it happened. It was the craziest and most fun match I ever had. Big shout out to my 3 teammates, you guys are the best!

And thank you to the enemy team for making this exciting until the very end.


Yeah I mean, I stream it and would feel justified over the level I think I’m at if someone messaged me about it haha

I made a mental note last night to upload this. If any of you that were on that other team yesterday, that was one insanely fun close game! You had close to a 200 point lead at that the start of that game and we knew we had our hands full.

Pulling off that last minute push and having to hold two points to pull off the win was intense. It can only get about 12 points better than that! Games like that make putting up with the waits and low pop totally worth it.

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I remember one match early on in May where the entire enemy team simultaneously disconnected except for their Miko. I felt so bad going near him so my entire team just kinda watched him kill our minions. He never surrendered or quit. We felt bad winning but he wouldn’t have given up and he certainly wouldn’t have won so we had to end it for the poor guy. But that was really impressive.

I can tell I’m going to use all of my daily likes in this thread. How did it fall to the wayside for a whole month? This is a great thread!


Probably wasn’t me, but I had an experience like this too. Picked Miko on Coldsnap, rest of my team DC’d very quickly and I was left alone. Didn’t quit, though. I wasn’t going to let my “teammates” go to another game since they did me like that… :smiling_imp:


In refusing to let this thread die, 2 nights ago was in a game where 3 of us were playing PvP and got grouped with another pair. We were all CR100.
Got put up against a team of 10’s-40’s. We figured, "Ugh, another mismatch."
Jokingly I say, “We should all play support with 1 dps.”
“Sure, why not?”
“Play someone you’re not used to.”

Well, why not? And we did. Alani, Ambra, Miko, Reyna, and Orendi.

It made for quite the challenge and while we won 50-0, it was actually a pretty intense game. We didn’t feel like it was a cheesy pub stomp victory since we were all playing (except Orendi) new characters.

On a side note, it must have been frustrating to just about kill someone and then all of a sudden their health bar spikes to 100% along with an OS.

To those 2 randoms we grouped up with, Kudos guys!


I main Reyna at the mo and would have no problems with a message of thanks, showing appreciation is all good.

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