Pre-load on PS4

I hope this is the right place to ask.
I bought the digital version on PSN and it says there’s pre-load.
Any ideas when that might be?

preload is live at least for me in Canada.

When I was purchasing the pre-order yesterday, it said estimated date for pre-load would be March 22nd. So if it’s not allowing it yet, it should be by sometime tonight? In any case it’ll be nice to have it downloaded a day beforehand (and before so many others try and download it. Pretty hefty install size, so the servers will be pushed.)

Yeah, I just got the download.
Seems like the game is about 28GB and there’s an 8GB update.
I wanted to know because my internet isn’t all that fast and I was worried I wouldn’t have it downloaded by Tuesday.
Thanks anyway!

currently my PS4 is downloading Handsome collection, with a huge update file to my system. guess cause of Monday playstation downtime there preloading for us who bought already, im located in USA
Store shows almost 30GB, but PS4 is showing download of 11.62GB, where as the update file for it is 8.31GB, huge update

Pre-load is live. The 11.62 GB is the “play before the game is fully downloaded” figure, which doesn’t apply to the preload. The actual game is just over 28 gb. The update is just over 8 gb. U can check the whole games download status in the system storage management. Just click on Borderlands Handsome Collection.