Pre loads for Console?

Will the disc or digital venisons for console have a pre load available?

Yes they should have a normal preload a few days prior to launch, I think the PC version through epic is the only preload that is uncertain right now.

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Sep 11 on PS4.


Do you know the date for xbox and is that both versions or just the digital?

I don’t have Xbox so I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it will be the same as any other per-order.
It’s for digital only.
There could be also Day1 patch or something.

It’s already been stated that EGS purchases are getting kicked in the nuts. No PC preloads through EGS.

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Yea I heard that, that’s why I was wondering about consoles. Perty ■■■■■■ for PC players!

Nothing on any of the XBox/MS sites about pre-loads so far, only some basic specs/info for XB1 and XB1X.

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Yeah, sh*t move, tbh… but, I look at it this way: I may not get the midnight train to Pandora, but I’ll still be on the Mayhem Express on the 13th.

Yea I didn’t really care that they when to epic because what’s one more app on your computer really. But when I heard that pre download was not an option ESPECIALLY after they said it would be by launch was Dissapointing to say the least!

I’ve got… EGS, Facebook Gameroom… and Steam. That’s it. And I only have EGS because of BL3 and (thanks to it being currently free) Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Yes please. I have a ■■■■■■ connection and i need those 2 days to download the game.

Unless I have been misled, I herd the pre load starts the 11th one day before. Im assuming at midnight so if you want your earliest possible play time I would start downloading it at 12:01 on the 11. If others have hear different please post!

Two days before launch as I already said in my first post in this topic.
You can download the game at midnight* Sep 10/11 and you can play at midnight* Sep 12/13.
That’s how it works on PS4, and Xbox too.

*your local time.
PS. On Xbox you can change region of your account to AUS/JAP and play couple hours earlier. IDK if it works on PS4.