Pre-made groups of three surrendering all at once

I got matched into a team of three that seems to talk to each other without the rest of the team knowing. All of a sudden, we lose by surrender. What?!

The surrender option didn’t even appear on my screen. They all three just clicked “surrender” at once, out-voting me and the other guy. So, I get next to no XP for playing for 10 minutes. If they waited two more minutes then we’d all get better rewards.

It has already happened twice: once on Meltdown, when the game didn’t even start yet (20-100), and now on Capture, when we were close to losing (220-450).

I’m being matched with hot-blooded groups that love wasting everyone’s time. Next time I’m paired with a group of three I’m instantly leaving the matchmaking.


  1. Don’t trigger surrender the split second there is a majority. Give it at least 10 more seconds for the others to react.
  2. If someone explicitly votes “no”, then cancel the surrender. Abstaining from voting doesn’t count - only explicitly voting “no”.

Can’t say that I agree there. Because one person refuses to surrender, 4 other people should be stuck in a match they want no part of? The current system of “majority wins” seems fair to me. If you force them to stick around, chances are they’ll just leave the match.

I would recommend finding a group of like-minded people to play with instead.

I would agree with you if these were reasonable surrenders. Like us being stomped 20-400 on Meltdown or 0-300 on Capture. But in case of Meltdown, the game barely started, and on Capture, we were already two minutes from losing, so what’s the point of surrendering at this point?

How about adjusting it so that vote 4-1 triggers surrender, but 3-1 (and obviously 3-2) doesn’t? Especially when the majority comes from the pre-made group?

My team surrendered 93-100 in Incursion the other day with team levels still even. And today I had 2 players on my team lose a vote and just decide to disconnect… so there definitely needs to be some punishment for early quitters (besides not being able to play that game type for a few minutes) and some limitations on when you can surrender.

I have played quite a few games with groups of 3 and they leave as soon as the game starts (during the character select too) it kind of sucks lol

This sounds good. Besides the time limitation, there should be some score limitation preventing the surrender. Like, if you’re very close to losing (the winning team only needs 10% more points to win), the game should just let the winning team finish the job.

Instead, nobody wins right now. The game ends preemptively and there’s no way to gain experience (both the numerical XP, and you as a player).

Ok in a game like Battleborn where its not like call of duty or other games where other join in late game (so being level 1 and having to face level 7+ players is annoying to all):

So the other option is surrender since they are friends and get the XP and coins they earned in the game to save the others like yourself and the other person the trouble of a 5 against 2 match with no incoming support since like i mentioned before, it sucks coming in late game as a lowbie vs. high players on a roll or a chance to use their abilities in combat.