Pre Order Bonus (Gold skins)

My friend and I preordered the game from Gamestop, got home and installed it, and went to put in our DLC codes. Her copy had the gold skins insert in her box, mine did not. Is there anyone else who is missing theirs? Who can i contact?

I sent a message into the support thing and someone responded telling me to log into the 2k store and track my order (which obviously had nothing to do with any of my issue, since i told him i got it at Gamestop and was only missing the insert)

I’m having the exact same issue :cry:

I bought the super deluxe edition from gamestop and it only had one code inside.
I entered the code but nothing downloaded.
I checked my mailbox in the game and did have some guns and the butt stallion trinket but no weapon skin.
Was this supposed to be a separate code?

If I remember right, they are called the gearbox skins, not gold skins?

Either way, im finding multiple people who didnt get the code. One kind person on reddit said they emailed gamestop and gamestop emailed em a code. Giving it a shot

That won’t work cause u have it downloaded like me there’s a issue with it going to the mailbox if u hover over the game on PS4 it says installed so it’s something on their end and they have to fix it or they can be sued for not providing a product that u paid for.