Pre Order Bonus Perhaps Guaranteed Beta Access

So the Pre-order page is up. No preorder bonus listed yet, but perhaps we can get guaranteed beta access? Beyond beta access I don’t know if I’d want any other preorder bonuses…

Beyond that I got to say I’m glad to see there is a price and not a Free to Play game… not that we know what the competition (Overwatch, Gigantic, etc) are doing yet, but an up front price is nice.

Pre-ordering to demo a game you don’t know if it will be good or not is a horrible idea ahah.

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It might be easier to maybe ask for a demo. At launch.

Not really since you just cancel the pre-order (and you just need to put down $5 anyway).

But I’m almost certain they gave out codes on community day before BattleBorn was announced and told to save them.

I’ll bet they were Beta codes.

Pre-ordering for access to a demo is very stupid. It’s backwards.

Yeah they were probably codes for this.

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I’m with CaballoGallo on this one.

I am pretty stoked for this game it looks like it will be very cool.
But I have been let down by GBX before CoughPresequelCough

I don’t think I will pre order this game unless I was able to demo it and really loved it.
I will buy no matter what becuase GBX fanboy and all.

I think any pre order swag is kind of stupid on a new game like this.
Because the people who don’t pre order for the sake of not spending money on a game they don’t know is good or not.
If they end up loving the game now they will be bummed they can’t get the things that were for pre order only. Which I get isn’t a big deal to most people.

But on the flipside people who pre order expecting the end all be all game every new game promises to be. If they end up hating it now the fact they payed more for pre order swag just makes them even more bitter and they start flaming the game and company even more. It’s happened countless time on the GBX forums alone.

I think they should leave the pre order at just that a pre order maybe give a small discount for pre ordering. And if the game does amazing which GBX is expecting it to then Battleborn two have your special super cool pre order swag box edition filled with things no one needs.

PS. I still love my BL2 loot chest! XD

I don’t care about physical stuff as a preorder bonus, but I love getting extra stuff IN the game. Like Borderlands 2 had the Creature Slaughter Dome. Perfect.

And I’d make the beta or demo open for this game. It’s a new IP, and there’s a ton of confusion about it already with many people still thinking it’s a MOBA, so you need to get it in everyone’s hands.

Literally the worst type of pre-order bonus there is.

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Quality rebuttal right here.

Really? REALLY??

You enjoy getting a 100kb download that litterally changes a 0 to a 1 in the code?

Pre order DLC (disc locked content in these cases, since you download a single digit) is terrible, you arnt getting anything, you’re just not having anything hidden from you.

Physical stuff is so much better because it doesn’t affect the game in anyway (EG ** pre order to get exclusive OP weapon!!!**) it doesn’t split the player base (pre order to revive this map!!!).

If I pre order a game and get a plastic figurine (Marquis if GBX is looking for ideas) or a holographic trading card I have been rewarded for my faith with something useless, but cool. I now have something special but no one who decided to pick up the game at a later date has to experience an incomplete product.

And don’t get me started on store exclusive pre order stuff, for some games it’s actually impossible to own the entire product without buying 3-4 copies at a different shops.

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To clear things up.

As I said I don’t like pre-order bonuses as generally used. Beta access is okay, minor cosmetics are okay, but way too many out there seem to offer exclusive maps or exclusive weapon sets and the like. It gets especially frustrating if they make something, beyond beta access, limited to which place you pre-order from.

Anyone who actually pre-orders (I haven’t yet, as I haven’t seen enough yet to plop $60 down) isn’t going to need the beta to encourage them to buy the game. Giving them guaranteed beta is just a small reward.

I may need beta first to guarantee that I’ll buy the game myself. Of course I’d prefer that publishers make proper demos of the finished product but those days seem long gone… I still remember when the Doom demo came out on the Software Creations BBS, and how the iD guys would chat in the forums there, even the two Johns (this was all before the Internet really was that accessible to the public). Very few games offer proper demos of finished product these days. Big multiplayer games likely will have beta events that we may be lucky to get into before release so they can test their servers, but that isn’t final code being tested (well… sometimes if not oftentimes it is just a publicity stunt to sub for a demo which corrupts the term beta so that when people experience a proper beta they get upset at how buggy it is).

Anyhow, I agree with blackheart, I hate physical pre-order stuff. I’m not going to get a physical copy of the game (unless it’s a console game, but I don’t pre-order console games period). I’m not going to go to Best Buy or Game Stop or anything like that to pre-order or buy the game. I especially hate the way in game items differ from place to place. It’s fine if it’s a timed exclusive, but then that stuff better be a free DLC later on. The exception to this may be pre-orders direct from the developer/publisher offering early access or guaranteed beta access, but all other location based pre-order exclusives have to die. And as I stated stated near the start, the only pre-order exclusives there should be at all are minor cosmetics, nothing really to do with the game itself. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’s game play exclusives like full islands or ships being elusive to one retailer or not was bad. A certain skin is okay, but again, that needs to be available to all after a period of time (less than a year). Weapon exclusives are bad, unless everyone is getting a functionally similar weapon, which amounts to basically a skin difference and again that exclusive has to be available to all as a free DLC at some point. The only place I ever pre-order is via Steam or direct from the publisher/developer and their platform (I pre-ordered Witcher 3 for example directly through GOG as it was cheaper after importing my Steam codes to it which dropped the price, and I knew I’d be playing Witcher 3 for long enough to make it worth the money).

Will I pre-order Battleborn? Not yet. It’s way too early to tell. If I get into a beta (pre-NDA drop or after) will probably help decide that. Not being in a beta it’ll really depend on what I see of it after an NDA drop from Streamers and YouTubers, which likely means it’ll be really close to launch anyhow. It looks like a sure fire buy, but it’s just too early to tell yet.

Again quality discussion.

You’re sick of having this argument, but we havnt heard it yet. Copy paste it from an another website if you must. But please this is a discussion about DLC and digital pre-order bonuses in which your point of view has been a 3 letter word and a full stop to get you over the minimum character limit.

Please enlighten us.


You’re WAYYYY too mad. Not interested in engaging in that. No thanks.

Im really not mad at all.

Im just curious as you are the first person I’ve ever seen to support this kind of stuff.

Long story short about DLC in general:

Due to inflation making the power of the dollar drop so much, but games remaining at $60 for a long damn time, games are cheaper to buy than ever before. At the same time, costs to develop them have skyrocketed. This is not sustainable. This is why “middle tier” games have disappeared, leaving only small indies or monster blockbusters. Either the cost to develop has to drop, or we gotta pay more. DLC is an ok solution in the meantime.

I also don’t buy into the conspiracy that most DLC was cut from the game just for the sole purpose to charge for it later. That’s nonsense. Games have more content than they’ve ever had, on the whole.

Tl;dr version: gamers have it better than ever but they can’t stop whining about it. We demand more but don’t want to pay more.

I wish games were $60…

But anyway, I mostly agree with you, games have become ludicrosly expensive to make (goddamn Destiny) and publishers need money.

I support quality DLC (in my opinion all of Borderlands post-release stuff, outside of skins, has been of high quality and worth it). However there is still a lot of crap DLC out there.

Pre-order unlockables are in fact single digit files. The Creature Slaughter Dome was on-disc, there were signs advertising it all through the vanilla game. It was locked out to try and get people to pay before reviews came out.

Im especially glad the concept of a “Map Pack” is dying, because for all but the biggest games it was usually better NOT to own it since you’d be stuck with a smaller player-pool, nowadays most games give out extra maps for free and charge for stuff that wont break up player pools.

Honestly it would probably be better if gaming budgets went down, a lot. Good games dont need 100s of people working on them and 100+ million dollar budgets. But its never going to happen, because any downgrade in graphics or technical stuff would be met with immense backlash.

More flexability in prices wouldnt hurt either. A retail game is $60, but not all games are equal (compare say a 6 hour shooter to Skyrim), some of Sony’s games have retailed for $40 even though they were full sized (its just that they didnt expect a platformer to sell well, and sadly they were right).


If anything all I really expect as a pre-order bonus is skins for the characters. Anything above that, digitally, would be a little much. A friend of mine thinks it may be an additional character, but I doubt it.

I would doubt extra character as well. Being a game that is designed to be competitive and MOBA-ish, locking players out of a character would be a big blow to the game’s potential reputation as a serious competitive game.