Pre-Order Bonus?

So I’m not sure if I was too late or what, but I Pre-Ordered Borderlands at 6:25pm on 9/12/2019 when I go home from work (its payday) because Riot Games store says the game released on 9/13/2019. Well, now its not letting me claim the pre-order items. (5 keys, skins) because I guess the game came out 6 CST 9/12?

Is there anything I can do or is this an L I’m gonna have to take?

Do the survey on the VIP website. I ordered it about an hour after launch and still have the golden skins in my mail in game after doing that

Yeah I did that…Im not sure How to get the check mark on the pre-order though…

I don’t have a checkmark on the preorder one. I just did the survey and linked my shift account

Hmm Thanks for the info. I linked my account…and twitch…nothing yet. Guess I’ll wait n see

Holy Crap. It worked. Just relogged. Thank you!

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  1. how do i use the golden skins? I have them in my inventory but have no idea how to use them.
  2. is there in-game storage in the beginning?

I pre ordered a few days ago off the epic sore and still can not get this to work

The survey doesn’t have an actual link
And I still can’t get my buttstallion preorder bonus I paid for.
If I don’t get it before the minimum time frame I am going to be very irked

Yeah I preordered Bl3 like a month ago and I did the survey, and when I try to link my shift account it says it’s linked to a different Id so I can’t get my stuff. Any help?