Pre order collectors Ed in AUS?

Why is it I STILL cannot preoder this in Australia - i missed being able to do so in america because there was a dedicated button to Australian only orders that i was waiting to be available - but no, it was removed and there was no longer any pre orders of the coll ed left!!!

CE is sold out at this point. You missed the window, I’m sorry to say. Up until a couple weeks ago UK Amazon had stock, but they’re all out now.

Think you missed the point there - at one point there was an AUS preorder button - when said button disappeared there were no copies left to preorder from any of the other countries - So because I waited for my region to get its preorders up and running the option was removed and we missed out.

Because it turned out that Gearbox was unable to get pre-orders working in France, Germany and Australia and removed those regions. Sorry, mate. :C

Quite a while back, before Christmas, the Australian Pre-Order was updated to reflect that we should buy it from the site. I did put in an order then, but it got messed up, so I re-did my order in early february and was still able to get mine then.

I am not trying to pick, or boast, just saying we did not by any means miss out on the pre-order. There was even quite a lot of discussion about us having to order from UK at the time aswell.