Pre-order & Couch Co-op question

GF and I love the borderlands series and play it together exclusively as couch co-op.

We have pre-ordered the BL3: Super Deluxe Edition for Xbox One on her gamertag - So my question is, will I earn / have access to pre-order bonuses on my gamertag?

I know we had some similar issues with Battleborn and pre-order rewards (which we also played 99% of the time as couch co-op)

I would love to hear answer for that question as well. I remember getting refund for Battleborn’s season pass on Xbox, when we found out that my wife can’t share content with me despite playing together on the same console (which seemed to be against Microsoft’s policy, as I easly got refund). It was horrible back then and I hope Gearbox/2K learned their lesson.

I figure that is a question for how xbox specifically has set up content sharing on systems. I doubt it’ll be different for BL3 than any other game on the XBone. I know that on PS4 you can share content on the account’s “primary” system. I will admit to being woefully inexperienced with how the current generation Xbox does things.

Actually in Battleborn (previous game made by Gearbox and released by 2K) it was different than any other game on the Xbox and that’s worrysome. I bought season pass and then not only my wife couldn’t use dlc characters right away, but we couldn’t even play dlc story missions on split screen, as she had no access to them.

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That is a raw deal. Honestly, I haven’t had to worry about that since my roomie (who isn’t much of a gamer) uses my profile when playing so the issue has never come up for me. I would hope that they don’t make the DLC account bound so that sharing on a primary system isn’t possible. Sure it potentially means more money in their pockets, but it also means legions of angry players.

I’m holding off pre-ordering the game because of this fear as well - however as 2K is involved and the whole Epic store issue going, my thoughts are that 2K/Gearbox are money first, consumer last and as such will be doing a Battleborn for increased profits. They didn’t seem to care about the angry people during Battleborn and I’m sure they won’t with this title. I’m also hoping the quality of DLC don’t drop to those of Battleborn: in my subjective opinion they were horrible and barebones simply to meet obligations.