Pre order didnt give me last reward

Not sure if anyone can help me, but I just needed one reward for the maliwan weapon you get so I preordered for the adaptor pack. Box still hasnt been ticked. Just wondering what’s going on with that

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Are u sure it didnt already count it cause u should have 1 for it,3 for the random guns,and then you need 4 more wep at 4000 points each

Ya I only needed one and wanted to save my points so I pre ordered a couple days ago and it hasnt ticked the box. Mayne I had to pre order from their web site. I’ll probably end up having to waste my points cuz my brother contacted them cuz he didnt get his 1000 points for playing b1 that weekend it was free. They told him he didnt play. I watched him every day that weekend play. So nothing will come of this I’m sure

Note that this is because of that the Early Adopter gun itself counts as part of the promotion, The Early adopter pack is distributed with the added criteria of logging into SHIFT trough your copy of BL3 first and then play it within its 14 days of release, meaning that its currently unobtainable for at least 6-7 days of me writing this.

I know it for certainly because i essentially planned the same way, working my way to get all but one box checked because i knew the Early Adopter pack counted towards the promotion. It is just a matter of time of when you actually get to start playing the game really to receive it.

How does this even work ? It says I must redeem weapons, but I do not know how.

It means that its automatically redeemed to your account by following its steps, as you can see under your Activities, it reads exactly as i mentioned it from its step 3 and trough the Maliwan gun promotion itself in under Rewards, it’s fairly straight forward since it is trough SHIFT that you receive anything from their promotional in-game rewards to begin with. ^.^

It says to claim VIP weapons. Where can I find these weapons ? I really struggle to nagivate this page.

You just have to go the menu insiders rewards

Ah and I suppose I must purchase 10 of these for 4000 points each ?

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Ya that’s why I pre ordered cuz I didnt want to spend my points I only needed one box to stick. I just figured it would give it to me cuz I got the reward but whatever it’s a bit of a broken system anyway. I know a few people that didnt get the extra 1000 points for playing b1 all weekend when it was free. 2k said they weren’t online. Their rewards said otherwise

Ya but you can get points by watching videos and opening articles and ■■■■

You just have to go to insider’s but go to activities

The Videos is a bit tricky to confirm that you watched because to can’t return directly back to activities to confirm that you have seen it, instead click towards the next video and then press the cross so all you see is the many videos you can see, from there you can also see if the video you just saw has the label “Watched” on it, confirming that you have seen it and you can then go back to activities and repeat the process with the other videos, its how i did it and found the most consistent way to do it.

Go to your VIP insider activites and click on STEP 2 of preorder if You preordered. Fill the survey and you will recieve your early adopter pack.