Pre order gold skins

So I bought the digital deluxe edition yesterday but I was just wondering if there was ever going to be a way to get the pre order gold skins again? Couldn’t pay the 75 before release and could just now get the game, would love to complete the set of skins for every character, gotta catch em all and everything. But if not then it’s ok I still got some pretty good swag with the DDE, just seeing if it would be possible at all in the future? Maybe with micro transaction?

I didn’t pre-order and ended up with a gold Miko somehow, so there must be a way of getting them. I just don’t know how I did it lol.

It was from setting up a shift account I believe

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I doubt it honestly. Those 5 skins wouldn’t be “exclusive” if that was the case. It’s sucks, but it is fair. They kinda lose their spark after you unlock one or two other skins anyhow.

Maybe they’ll add them to the loot packs further down the road