Pre-Order Issue with BL3 for Xbox

So I ordered BL3 from Target on April 3. Today, i received an email from Target indicating that they would not be shipping BL3 until Sept 26. This puts delivery after the 14 day window to log in and receive early adopter bonuses. To that end, I have two questions: 1. If I cancel my Target pre-order and order through the Xbox store, will I still get all the same bonuses that I would if I waited for my Target order to arrive? and 2. If I keep my target pre-order and can prove that I pre-ordered in April, can the rewards be added to my account after the fact?

Thank you.

When I checked yesterday evening, the same pre-order options were still available in the XBox store (regular, deluxe, super-deluxe). Remember that it’s digital download only though - no physical disk.

The contents are listed on the store pages so you should be able to quickly compare with what you were expecting from Target.

My xbox CE just arrived \o/

I am actually impressed with the CE. Good quality, chest itself is huge and looks dope. Content is pretty cool and looks amazing.

bottom line, no regrets :slight_smile: