Pre-order on playstationstore

I preordered BL3 on playstation store, and not via the “VIP/INSIDERS” program, but I have my account linked, but I did not recieve any points for my pre-order. Anybody know how to “update” that?

Pretty sure there’s no “points” for pre-ordering.

What you do get is the Early Adopter Pack.
Although I’m not sure how that works in terms of receiving it. It seems as though anyone who plays the game within 14 days of release will get it regardless of whether they pre-ordered or not, but I could be wrong.

EDIT: To reserve your Adopter Pack, after you pre-Order, just answer the “Borderlands 3 Pre-Order Survey”. I’m guessing after you’ve done that, all you have to do is what I described above (play within the first 14 days after release) and claim it.

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I know, it says step one, pre order, step two make the survey, and then claim reward. I got 250 points for completing the survey, but no points from the actual preorder. Just wondering if people who boight it from the borderlands store got points for it?

There’s no points given for act of Pre-Ordering itself. Yet you have to pre-order to answer the survey and get your 250. If you did that, you got your points. AND will get your Early Adopter Pack. That’s it.


Do you have any idea if I’ll recive gold weapon pack?

If you preordered any edition of the game you will get the gold pack I’m sure.

So if I’m understanding this correctly, it doesn’t matter where you pre-order to get the adopter pack?

Just make sure you make a VIP account and fill out the Pre-Order survey and you should be good (Oh and make sure to log in and play BL3 within 2 weeks of release <Sept 13>).

Cool, thanks for the info! And you better believe I’m going to play the game as soon I am able! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol

I just pre ordered the super deluxe edition. yahooO!!!.

so excited i already put it in my download Queue.