Pre Order Questions for PC

I’m not Launcher loyal or anything so please to respond about epic being bad or anything i just have questions i would like answered.

I REALLLYYY want to play this game and looooks so good! I want to pre order i just some clarification on things if possible

Are there going to be clouds saves either through SHIFT or Epic?

Has the security of EPIC games store gotten better? or are there safeguards on Gearbox end to stop my information getting out there? I mean they had a reported breaches in march 2019. That wasn’t that long ago.

TenCent is a Chinese investor in EPIC and I know EPIC has said they don’t get access to user information but i mean they have a seat on the board. Hard to believe they couldn’t get access to if they asked. Any know if there safe guards for my privacy on the store? If I could just buy the game digital straight from Gearbox? (I know this is more of Epic question but wondering if some know for sure or I have an idea)

I wasn’t getting answers on epic so I thought I’d ask here.

You can buy the game from gearbox for PC. It will provide you with an EGS key to download it from Epic at launch

The only people that can honestly answer the other questions about Epic security and tencent involvement is Epic and they aren’t likely to actually provide an answer to them that most people will actually believe.

The EGS is still lacking core features that should have been present when they launched the platform. Epic is still tossing fortnite money around buying exclusives to compete but not actually compete with steam while angering consumers. Finally if the mega sale they just did recently is an indication Epic’s back end for their store platform is lacking structure while being its own mess. There is also a supposed cover up of an issue with the EGS launcher where people launch it to an empty window and cannot access any of the content they purchased and get no response or assistance when submitting support tickets.

oh thats fun news to hear… ugh I really want to play this game but EGS is big reason why i haven’t bought. I Pre-Order the MOST expensive version of every Borderlands Game. I dont want have wait a year for steam to get or EGS to get it’s stuff together

I use the word supposed on that because all I have come across are a few videos showing the issue and it persisting even after a removal and reinstall of the launcher and some linked forum threads, along with some claims of thread or post deletion and screenshots of tickets. Not really enough to get an idea on how much of the userbase is effected by it or if they really aren’t responding to people who are having this issue.