Pre-order region locked :(


I live in South Africa and i’m not able to pre-order borderlands 3.

The borderlands website only offers a few regions, and on epic games store the product is not even available here.

I own every single borderlands game/dlc on Steam and pre-ordered BL2 on xbox back in the day.

I know it’s only been available for a day but I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to pre-order one of the special editions.

I can’t believe 2k did us like this. :sob: :money_mouth_face:

Does anybody have some info on when us in the 3rd world countries will be able to order it? :cry:


Looks like I’m not the only one utterly disappointed by this.

Such a sad day.

Been so excited for this and ready to get back into co-op play but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon


I am also from South Africa and own every Borderlands so far and NEED to pre-order Borderlands 3 but I experience the same problem, not able to choose my own region and can’t find it on the Xbox store. I have tried the whole day so far every few hours. Just hope we will be able to get it before the release so we can also get the pre-order bonuses. Please someone at 2K help us?

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I haven’t heard anything, that sounds like a drag though, it might unlock as it becomes available.

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hopefully you’ll get the pre-order soon over there guys

i’m chilean and it took a long time to be considered for pre orders

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I want it too! I tried purchasing from the site and from EPIC app but it’s not available in ZA:-(
I have sent a couple of mails and tweets off but haven’t had any response.

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@0Marlark_ZA0 Let me know if you find a way brother.

@christoffvictor1 i saw that the super deluxe edition is available for pre order on for XB1 and PS4. You might have a pay extra on the shipping to get it on day one though