Pre-Order rewards when I buy through my PS4?

So I just got the pre-order through my playstation store, but I didn’t see the pre-order rewards show up on my BL profile. Do you ONLY get those rewards if you buy direct from BL website?

There’s no “real VIP points” for pre-order. Only for filling the survey and an “early adopter pack” for playing/logging in within 14 days of release.

My guess is the “vip site” cant have access to various networks account and/or physical purchase. So they did the “next best thing” and played with words a little.

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At risk of being Captain Obvious, have you made sure you’ve linked your PSN account to your VIP account?

Yes, did that a long time ago.

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Yeah I said that whole thing wrong, I just edited it. I was talking about the “pre-order rewards”, not points.

Yeah I figured you had. It felt like when you call tech support and they ask if the computer is plugged in lol

Which specific pre-order rewards" then? I’ve pre ordered on PS4 some time ago and didn’t heard/read about any other rewards. (Beside maybe some special physical stuff.)