Pre-order rewards

Are these pretty much just trash or am I missing something? I guess the cheddar shredder gimmick might be useful to get cash but doesn’t really seem necessary. Ultraball? Diamond Butt Bomb? Are these just meant to be funny and not that useful? Also the two guns seem sorta bad.

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For the most part they are just goofy gimmicks in BL games. The sheild with it’s xp boost is good for the first 10 levels. Better chedder is a great money farming grenade if needed. Diamond butt bomb is fun to throw. Ultraball just seems like a reskinned fastball, but could be wrong.

As for the guns…hmmm…well I have used the one that fires nerf darts to play darts on Sanctuary. So there is that.


On my first playthrough I claimed them all at 50. So I do sometimes use the better cheddar and the butt bomb for the above reasons.

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guns are useless. seriously. but skins grenade and shield are enough to make you happy. i preordered the game for the game itself and for the season pass. not for the lvl1 legendaries. even if they were some of the strongest weapons they would be lvl1 that makes them instantly useless.
(note: use the grenade on mayhem 3 with some loot relic so you can help friends with their sdu upgrades,shield is good for your new characters)

Well I haven’t remembered to use them at level 1 (which is maybe the problem). I got them at 21 but like the guns aren’t even as good as blue/epic weapons I already have. The “butt stallion” nade seems to do more damage than it states so maybe is a bit better than the stats look but meh.

I also mostly pre-ordered for the game and the season pass but it’s a bit disappointing that I’m already seeing steep discounts on the same version I pre-ordered for 100 bucks so the only thing I really got were these trinkets and seeing the game a bit sooner. Had I known then what I know now I think I would have waited and saved a good chunk of money. lol.

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21 lvl makes the shield worthless. its for boosting your xp from lvl 1 to 11. guns are useless even on lvl 1. you get those white revolvers and they are far better (lmao). your disappointment is understandable. i also was but after 230 hrs on the game i forgot about it

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So I rolled up a new character to play and remembered to get my pre-order “rewards” right away this time. My previous characters I forgot about them and didn’t claim them until I was like level 20 which makes the XP gain shield worthless.

I mentioned above how the “legendary” guns seemed kind of bad but I figured since I got them at 20 instead of 1 or 2 that might be why. This time I started using them at level 2 and somehow they are even worse at level 2 than they were at 20. Random green garbage guns on the ground do more damage. Even the starter white pistol does more damage. The grenades are kind of bad as well with the exception of the cheddar shredder for cash but meh…cash isn’t that big of a deal IMO.

What a bummer these “rewards” are. Just goes to show pre-order rewards are not usually worth it. At least I’m getting my 10 whole percent XP boost for a few levels…woo I guess.